ThermoHealth™ Infrared Thermometer

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(It can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit, default is Celsius)

ThermoHealth™ HandsFree Infrared Thermometer will signal an abnormal body temperature with sounds and lights and will help you prevent serious damage in less than 1 second.

Non-Contact Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer with LCD Display for Offices, Factories, Shops, Schools, Restaurants, Rail Station Entrances, and more. 

Company screening is essential to keep your workspace or facility clean and free from illness. Peace of mind for those who work inside. The ThermoHealth™ works effortlessly without the need of anyone to operate it. Instant and precise temperature control is what ThermoHealth™ offers.

  • Company security
  • Peace of mind for those who work inside
  • You don't need anyone to operate
  • Instant and precise temperature control
  • Free 365 Day Warranty

Over 3,000 Customers In The United States Have Already Began Using ThermoHealth™ To Lower The Contamination Of Viruses.

  • No Contact: Avoid Cross-Infection.
  • Automation: ThermoHealth™ will do everything automatically.
  • Instant temperature reading: Thanks to the newest technology. It guarantees an induction time of 500mms (50 people per minute).  Simply scan your forehead or wrist and in less than one second you’ll have your temperature.
  • Measurement Accuracy: absolute error ± 0.2 degrees.
  • Alert System: Automatic flashing light alarm + sound for abnormal temperature.
  • Multiple Power Options: Insert 18650 batteries for control without a fixed power supply or use the USB cord included.
  • High Definition Digital Display: Visible up to 5 meters away.
  • Mount Option: You have the ability to mount to the wall with double-sided tape or with bracket. You  also have the option secure it onto a camera tripod
  • Uses: at home \ church \ office \ work \ metro \ shop \ community etc ... CE - FCC - ROHS CERTIFICATION
  • What ThermoHealth™ Includes:

    • 1 Infrared Wall Thermometer
    • 1 USB Power Cable
    • 2 Special screws with plugs to hang ThermoHealth™
    • 3 Bioadhesive strips to hang it on smooth surfaces
    • 1 Instruction Manual


    How Long Does It Take To Show Your Temperature?

    ThermoHealth™ has one of the fastest temperature readings on the market at around 0.1 seconds making it the most efficient thermometer on the market. 

    How Accurate Is The Temperature? 

    Understand that while our thermometer is extremely accurate, it is not perfect. We are within ± 0.2 °C. This is a small room for error meaning ThermoHealth will always be accurate with gauging whether or not someone does have a temperature above average.

    Do I Have To Mount It To The Wall?

    We offer a few options for setting it up. We provide adhesive strips to mount it to the wall and also screws in case you want to mount it that way. All ThermoHealth thermometers come with a thread for tripods as well. As of now, we do not sell tripods but we will begin selling them soon. Generic camera tripods work for our device.

    Does It Require Batteries? If So, Which Type?

    ThermoHealth™ offers the option to use batteries or a simple USB cord. All ThermoHealth™ devices come with the needed USB cord. The battery type for the standard model is (1) 18650 while for the Pro model is (4) AA. (Not included)

    How Long Does Shipping Take?

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    Note: any man-made damages or it is broken by water ingress, falling down and other careless operation cannot be covered in this warranty policy.

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